Sparks will fly when these opposite sides of the zodiac find attraction

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Gemini in love is flirty and light, but quick to catch hints of interest or disinterest. Sagittarius in love is open to "exotic" lovers of other cultures, so their world is widened. They sense in each other the green light to be friends and see what happens. It's often the case that both have full dance cards, and it takes a special someone to be the one-and-only.

Gemini is a gatherer of ideas and Sagittarius a seeker of truth through experience.

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Together they move at a fast pace, enjoying adventures and letting life alter them as they go. The physical Sagittarius might be into more vigorous pursuits than Gemini, but both bring a flexible attitude to the bedroom. It's a promising match because every day will be different, keeping the relationship fresh. They'll give each other plenty of space and not try to cling too tightly.

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Neither will try to lock the relationship into stale habits or push for a premature emotional commitment. Their loving style is to hold on loosely, and they can be philosophical if it's time to let go. Gemini Love Horoscope.

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