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In astrology, things are known in relation to other things. We understand the signs by comparing them to other signs. The descendant is the opposite sign of your Ascendant sign.

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Your Ascendant or Rising sign is the way you appear to others. However, it can also mask the inner you which is the descendant, which falls on the opposite side of your chart. However, we know that we are not going to be fulfilled if we just find any partner and sit back for the rest of our lives. We are constantly evolving as people and uncovering new aspects of our consciousness that allow us to expand and offer more love to the world through our unique gifts.

Qualities: Cardinal

If we harness the traits of the descendant sign, we can be more well rounded and instead of standing on one leg, stand on two. We have these strengths within us and the descendant sign helps us pull them out. Even our relationships help us pull them out. If we are unaware of the part of ourselves that lies beneath the surface, we will often see those traits in our relationships - however, we are being shown a part of ourselves.

Did I lose you? Let me give you an example.

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You thrive in fast-paced environments. Cancer is ruled by the Moon, and the ruler of the 4th House of Home. Cancer in the 10th believe that the world is their home, their stage, and the place where they feel the safest. This can actually make your career life unstable, as you put too much emotional energy into a place that really hates emotion and vulnerability. You are very psychic and instinctual and are probably adored by all who work with you—as long as your sad days are kept to a minimum. Leo is ruled by the Sun, and the ruler of the 5th House of Pleasure and Children. Leo in the 10th enjoys being the dramatic child in all aspects of their career and public life. You probably have very strong ambitions that correlate with your own ego drives, and will do what it takes to get what you want.

Katy Perry is my favorite example, with all of her colors and spectacles. You will always treat your coworkers and adoring fans, as best friends. You love drama, and thrive in a place where you can be the center of attention and also have a ton of fun in the process. Virgo is ruled by Mercury and the ruler of the 6th House of Routine and Health. You like to leave no stone unturned, and are often considered to be very intelligent and scholarly.

Your descendant is Cancer, Your Ascendant is in Capricorn

People you work with enjoy your wit and your attention to detail. The workplace tends to need people like you, and you love to be needed in the workplace. Libra is ruled by Venus, and the ruler of the 7th House of Partnerships. Libra in the 10th values partnerships, and working with other people—only if everyone is sharing the workload. You will never be okay with being condescended or looked down on at work—as everything needs to be fair.

A lot of you like to strike up romantic relationships with superiors. No matter what you choose to do in life, you will definitely be the most attractive and cordial person around. Scorpio is ruled by Pluto and Mars, and the ruler of the 8th House of Power. Scorpio in the 10th really want to get ahead in life, and will seemingly do what it takes, but not without a lot of setbacks. There will be a lot of pain and chaos that comes with your career and public image, and you will have to learn how to work through it all, and not around it. You will find your role in the world, and with it will also come the power and control that you crave.

Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, and the ruler of the 9th House of Knowledge and Belief. Sagittarius in the 10th want to teach the world everything they know. You have a strong desire to expand not only the minds of others, but your own influence as well. This causes a lot of Sagittarius Midheavens to desire the fame that comes with being seen by many. Capricorn in the 10th want stability as well as power and influence over the masses.

Work and discipline are needed, and a straightforward approach to your career, with no holds barred will get you to your destination. All it takes is that original idea and the belief in yourself as a change-maker and you will be able to rally people together to fight with you and for you. You might start off a little wild seeming, but as you mature everyone starts to realize how truly strong you are, and how admirable your desire is to work for the greater good of men.

Pisces in the 10th are chameleons and can fit into any situation. You can have a few public downfalls here and there, as your blind optimism about your public life, can get you into some awful situations. Sun in the 10th House: Your ego seems to be consistently hurt, and it might seem that making a name for yourself out in the world is the best way to fix it.

You are not confident by nature, but you are a hard-worker and very good at completing what you start, and you do believe in your abilities. You work meticulously on your career as if your life depends on it. This does not mean that you crave fame, by any means. You crave stability and respect from people, as you may not have gotten it in your home, unless you were performing or working for your family.

Some people with this placement believe that they are inherently lazy, which can be true if aspected by Neptune, but you are never without a purpose in your mind of where you should be. The Sun shines the brightest in the 10th, you just might need some time to build up your life, before you get to the recognition you so desire. Moon in the 10th House: Your mother might have worked a lot, or you saw her as the one who took care of business and paid the bills.

Your father was either MIA, or more of the stay-at-home type—yes both extremes can play out here. People might find you to be dramatic and overly-sensitive, which is great if you are an actor, but not so great for the or fast paced environment. The moon is moody, and in the House of your career, will make your career life moody or unstable as well—you will most likely have many different careers in your lifetime. Learning to balance your career life with your emotional life is an important obstacle that you will eventually overcome. Mercury in the 10th House: You pretty much will lead the way in any career you choose, with your expansive mind and proficient communication skills.

You tend to gravitate toward a profession where you can analyze, organize and speak freely. Public relations, public speaking, and careers that keep expanding your mind or allow you to work with your hands, will bring you the most happiness. Venus in the 10th House: Venus in the 10th is blessing on your career and public image. You will want a career where you can work in harmony with other people—you tend to despise drama, but will engage in it if someone directly dismisses your abilities.

A career where you get dirty or are forced to wear an ugly uniform is not for you, and can lower your self-esteem, as you may have been an ugly duckling growing up, and now have a choice in the way you look. Mars in the 10th House: Mars in the 10th will demand authority, even if no one is trying to take it from them. You are in competition at all times for the top spot in your career and will sometimes take it before asking, which can get you in trouble. You consider yourself to be an opportunist, though others may see you as a bully.

Having Mars in your 10th could be the result feeling put down by many people as a child, and deciding that you would never allow anyone to do that again, so it can be a little overcompensating. Be careful not to blame the authority figures in your adult life, for hurting you in your childhood. Mars is actually pretty happy in the 10th, when you can learn to tame the beast within, and allow your ambition to come shining through at the right times.

Jupiter in the 10th House: This is not considered the luckiest placement, though it seems that many people with an extreme amount of fame have this: Angelina Jolie, Kim Kardashian, Steve Jobs, etc. The downside of Jupiter in the 10th obviously being that you are always under a microscope no matter what public position you hold, the upside is that if you live life well and full, you will continue to grow happily in the public eye. You may feel that you are a late bloomer, but if you allow yourself to stick it out and work steadily, there will be no stopping you.

A lot of Saturn in the 10th natives seem to be overtly sexual, as if they are trying to push past their public restriction, and you know, they probably grew up too soon. Your resilience in whatever career you choose and not avoiding your lessons, no matter how embarrassing they might be, will show your strength and unrivaled ambition. You could lie about yourself on social media, because you feel that if you can make someone believe something about you, the power of attraction will make it so.

When you see that, you will learn how to make the correct changes to yourself not just for creative expression, but also personal betterment and to the world as we know it. Neptune in the 10th House: Speculation about your career is a common game people play: Did she or did she not sleep with the boss to land her position? This can also work in your favor, as most people are expecting you to project yourself one particular way, and fail to see your next move completely. In your own career life, you can feel lost and directionless.

Your public image could go through a severe death, but will get miraculously brought back to life, in a different place and time. Since the 10th house is cultivated around 7 years old, you could have decided at a young age that you would one day own an empire, and are now waiting impatiently for that time to come where you get to own your power over the masses. The IC is an oft neglected though extremely important point in the horoscope.

It is the position in space where the meridian intersects the ecliptic in the north, and it falls exactly opposite the Medium Coeli which is usually known as the MC or Midheaven.

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The fourth house is the part of the chart that is concerned with home and family — not only the immediate family and surroundings in the present life, but also in a broader sense to your place in the overall scheme of things. It denotes the direction from which you are coming — heritage, home environment, cultural traditions and family influences. In the natural wheel, Cancer is on the cusp of this house, and so it is evident that issues concerning emotional wellbeing, comfort, sustenance and protection will be dominant themes here. The sign and house placement of its natural ruler, the Moon, should therefore be carefully examined.

Nevertheless, the majority of charts are likely to have a different sign on this cusp. The MC is where the midday Sun falls and as such is the most public and outwardly observable part of the horoscope.

It signifies your public life and community participation, social standing and career as well as material ambitions, life direction, and aspirations. The IC being directly opposite is where the Sun falls at midnight. It is at the very base of the chart, and as such is the most subjective personal point indicating the basic inner disposition — what might be described as the psychological and emotional foundation of your being.